2016 NFL Draft Finally Set to Wrap Up

nfl.jpgRadio City Music Hall – NFL Insiders believe that the 2016 NFL Draft is finally set to culminate this afternoon. The final round, Round 397, began in mid-April, and now just hours before the first pick of the 2017 Draft will be made, there are only two teams left on the 2016 clock. The Cincinnati Bengals and Detroit Lions each have 120 minutes to make their final selections, though experts believe that the Bengals will try to swap picks with the Lions in exchange for a 2017 291st or 292nd round pick. While a few players remain anxiously sitting in the crowd at Radio City, sources believe that the last two selections will be Eastern Montana State’s inside linebacker, Taylor MacDougal, and standout junior, Josh Cantrell, from IUPUIPIU. ESPN will take a two-hour programming break between the 2016 and 2017 draft to allow Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. to finally use the bathroom.


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