Local Mom Secretly Fears Daughter’s Inability to Arrive On Time to Club Soccer Practice After Her Local League Game Finishes

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 3.56.22 PM.png
Longmeadow, MA – On Friday evening, Karen (McGiven) Taylor privately shared doubts with her husband that their daughter, Kelly (9), would be able to make it to the 12pm start of her club team practice following her local soccer league game at 9:30am. The elite Western Massachusetts soccer club explicitly forbids its players from participating in any other soccer leagues, making Karen very concerned that Kelly’s tardiness and likely fatigue might reveal to the coaches her secret participation in the local league. “I told her that she has to take it easy in the early game” remarked Karen, who was debating whether or not they would have time to run home and quickly shower between games.

While Kelly has had great success and enjoyed playing with her school friends in the local, admittedly less-competitive league, at her parents urging she has continued to prioritize her club team and even lied to her school friends about her participation. Kelly has historically played basketball each winter and tennis in the spring, however, Karen says that Kelly “really wants to specialize early and focus just on soccer this year”.

For years, rumors have persisted that many club team players also moonlight in their local leagues, however, these rumors have all been unsubstantiated. If found out, Kelly’s situation could prove a landmark case that sends the regional soccer scene into turmoil.


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