Chris Bosh Cleared by NFL Doctors

bosh.jpgMiami – While team physicians for the Miami Heat are unsure whether or not Chris Bosh will ever be medically cleared to return to his basketball career, NFL doctors wasted no time in approving Bosh to begin full-contact football should he wish to try out for the NFL. “He can play this weekend, if he gets signed,” noted one NFL team doctor who wished to remain anonymous, “he looks great and has showed no lingering signs of concussion damage.” Bosh sat out much of last year’s NBA season as a preventative measure due to complications arising from blood clots and was held out by team doctors despite his personal wish to continue playing. At press time, Bosh has yet to give any indication that he has interest in pursuing a football career nor has he ever demonstrated any football ability whatsoever, although sources told The Hyperbolic Chamber that this would not prevent the Cleveland Browns from attempting to sign him as their starting quarterback.


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