Local Sports Bar Considers Changing Name Following Presidential Debate

LockerRoom.PNGLee, MA – Concerned that their brand name has been tarnished beyond repair, a local sports bar has asked its patrons to submit suggestions for a new name after Donald Trump repeatedly referred to his braggadocio about sexually assaulting women as mere “locker room talk”.

“We want to assure our patrons that this type of discourse is not common at The Locker Room Sports Pub,” said owner Lynn Hollander, “most of the talk here at The Locker Room is about the New England Patriots, actually. That, and whatever sales are going on at the nearby outlet shopping mall.”

Hollander has asked guests to suggest new names for the local establishment but has yet to select any name that has been nominated thus far. Sources close to the owner report that “The Team Bus” and “The Old Boys Club” are among the front-runners.


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