Report: NBA Fines Warriors, Kerr for Using Cheat Codes

stephSan Francisco – The Golden State Warriors organization and Coach Steve Kerr have each been fined $500k after a formal investigation by the NBA league office revealed that the Warriors input cheat codes that have effectively ‘broken’ the game of basketball and enabled star guard Stephen Curry to bend the laws of physics and probability. After allegations surfaced earlier this fall, investigators found email evidence that Coach Kerr input the cheat codes “CHEFCURRY” and “ENFUEGO” into the Warriors computer system in the fall of 2014, effectively hacking the typical NBA gameplay to produce outcomes previously unthinkable. While the league office believes that they have taken steps to remedy the unfair actions by the Warriors front office and coaching staff, it remains unclear whether or not the effects of the cheat codes can be undone. Prior to 2014, the last known instance of an NBA franchise using cheat codes came in early 2012, when the Knicks entered cheat code “LINSANITY”. That code expired just a few months later.


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