Ohio State Fans Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Bowling Green Massacre

Columbus, OH – Fans of the Buckeyes men’s basketball program took to Twitter yesterday to relive the historic 112-53 blowout win over in-state rival Bowling Green that took place just ten years ago. Famously dubbed the “Bowling Green Massacre”, the Buckeyes, led by Iraqi-refugee combo-guard D’Andre Hussein Mohammed, held the Falcons to just 18-of-76 from the field and led by an astonishing 61 points at the end of the first half. Buckeyes fans chided the Falcons faithful on Twitter, reminding them of the epic thrashing with the trending hashtag #neverforget and posting numerous videos of the infamous victory. The game was one of the most lopsided defeats in NCAA history, however it was not widely known, due to the lack of coverage from the mainstream liberal media outlets that routinely brainwash the over-educated coastal elites that comprise over 80% of the US population.


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