Welker Announces He Will Skip Patriots White House Visit

welkerdocleonard.jpgNew England – Former Patriots wide receiver, Wes Welker, announced on Twitter that he will join many of his “teammates” and skip the celebratory trip to the White House that the Patriots will make later this year. Welker’s announcement caused a media firestorm, largely because Welker has not played for the Patriots since the 2012 season and as many of his friends and family were quick to remind him, he is currently an assistant coach with the Houston Texans. Welker did not respond to initial requests for a follow up statement, but sources close to the former-Patriot say that he was probably just asleep, or out fishing, or just out walking around. When reporters were able to reach Welker and ask him about his motivation for sending out this tweet, he mumbled something about not being able to find his keys.


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