Sources: Javaris Crittenton to Skip Rio Olympics

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.24.26 PM.pngGeorgia State Penitentiary – According to various sources, Javaris Crittenton has taken himself out of the running for the upcoming Summer Olympics. “Javaris is actually in great shape,” noted his agent/appeals attorney, Keith Dobbins, “he exercises every day, for exactly an hour, actually. But he has decided to opt out of consideration for Team USA due to, umm, personal reasons.” Dobbins went on: “While Javaris last played professionally in 2011, he now plays almost every day, unless it’s raining, of course, or there is some sort of lockdown for security reasons. So he’s ready, but the whole Zika virus scares him. He’s also only allowed outside his cell for several hours a day, so, there’s that.” At press time, Crittenton was not available for comment.


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