Report: Knicks Consider Hiring Reggie Miller Just To Get Him Off Television

reggie_miller_121115.jpgNew York – Despite being one of the most loathed opponents in the storied history of the New York Knickerbockers basketball franchise, sources close to the Knicks’ front office have confirmed that the Knicks have considered offering the head coaching job to Reggie Miller simply to get him off the air during nationally televised NBA games. Miller often serves as an analyst during games broadcast on the Turner networks, though to date he has yet to add anything of value to a single television broadcast. “I watch those games on mute,” noted one senior member of the Knicks organization who wished to remain anonymous. He added: “Do I think Reggie can coach? Absolutely not. But we see it as a patriotic duty to get him off the air, whatever the cost.” The last time a professional team hired a broadcaster solely to avoid watching him on television was when the New Jersey Nets hired Avery Johnson to be their head coach in 2010.


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