Cuban Game Takes Only 36min Without Advertisements

Havana – President Obama attended a historic baseball game in Cuba on Tuesday that lasted only 36 minutes due to the lack of constant advertising and stadium gimmicks. The game between the Cuban National Team and Tampa Bay Rays went a full nine innings. “That was great,” said President Obama speaking to the American sports media in Havana who were present for the event. “I had this whole plan to have the secret service pretend there was an emergency after two hours so that I could leave, but it just ended. Weird.”

After the Tampa Bay Rays seemingly took the lead during the third inning, the manual scoreboard mysteriously began to malfunction. The players continued to play for nine innings, after which the game was declared a draw.

When asked whether or not Major League Baseball would consider the “Cuban Model” in an effort to shorten games, a spokesman for the MLB laughed.


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