Reports: Osweiler Orders Dominos After First Win as Denver QB

usa-today-8937292-0CHICAGO – Following the Broncos 17-15 road win over the Chicago Bears, first-time starting quarterback Brock Osweiler reportedly ordered a Domino’s medium two-topping pan pizza to his hotel room in downtown Chicago. According to several Broncos players, Osweiler broke a strict locker room code when he “violated an unspoken rule” and ordered pizza from somewhere other than Papa John’s.

Local Domino’s store manager, Jeff Crabbers, was the first to notify the local media: “I was at the store when the phone rang, which was immediately suspicious, because nobody calls us anymore. I remember it because I had to look up the phone-order procedure, which mandates that we first ask the customer’s name. When I asked the customer for his full name, he got nervous and hung up.” Several minutes later, Crabbers noticed an online delivery order placed by a ‘B. Osweiler’.

When pressed for comment late Sunday night, Osweiler replied that he would only talk about the game and further asked if he could continue the conversation the next morning, noting that he “wasn’t feeling too well.”


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