Newly-Retired Gordon cites ‘Lack of Flags’ in Failed Driving Test

Jeff-Gordon(5)CHARLOTTE – Recently retired NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon failed to obtain a driver’s license after failing his road test due to what the once-heralded driver argued were “inadequate driving conditions”, chiefly the lack of visible flagging. “How was I supposed to know that I should drive with caution… there is nobody out there waving a yellow flag?” demanded a visibly upset Gordon, who spoke unabashedly to reporters as he took off his helmet while exiting his Chevy Equinox. “People say NASCAR isn’t safe. Well, out here there are no flaggers, hundreds of signs, and no crew chief in your headset communicating where the other cars are,” Gordon complained.

Gordon added that while he considers this a minor setback, he hopes to obtain his basic driver’s license and continue driving semi-professionally. “I was going to try to drive for Uber, though now I’m not sure I can,” Gordon posited. He added that he’ll “probably just drive for Lyft, though.”


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