Pokémon Go Player Finds Stanton HR Derby Ball

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.20.41 AMSan Diego – While walking to capture a Pokemon on a beach just north of San Diego, Karen Sherwood discovered a home run ball hit by Giancarlo Stanton during Monday night’s HR Derby. Sherwood left her house for the first time in three days to capture a Charmander when she found the baseball just sitting on the beach. According to ESPN statcast, the the home run ball traveled approximately 34,752 feet, making it the longest home run hit during this year’s derby. Official statisticians at the Elias Sports Bureau say this may be the longest ball ever hit, however there are several other home run balls hit by Stanton that have yet to land as of Tuesday afternoon, any one of which could ultimately prove to set the new record.


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