Report: Trump to Name Johnny Manziel as Vice President

manzielHeartland, USA – Multiple sources confirmed that Donald Trump plans to name Johnny Manziel as his running-mate for the upcoming 2016 presidential election in an effort to appeal to a younger, broader demographic. “Johnny’s wonderful, terrific, great guy, really,” said Trump at a news conference last week, “Who doesn’t like Johnny Football? He’s great, great leader.” While some are puzzled by the selection of Manziel, who has been on a very-public downward spiral of substance abuse since being cut from the NFL, pundits believe it’s a terrific choice for Trump. Eric Worthington, spokesman for the Republican Election Committee, believes that Manziel is the “perfect complement” for Trump. “We need someone to balance out Trump’s lack of qualifications and extreme, erratic behavior,” argued Worthington, “Johnny [Manziel] offers that balance.”


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