UFC Inks Deal with Greg Gianforte

gregMontana – Fresh off his bout with a respectable young reporter, Congressional-hopeful Greg Gianforte (R) has inked a deal with the UFC worth a reported $1.2M. “We’ve been eyeing Greg for some time now,” said UFC honcho Dana White, “now that his public persona as a fighter has reached a broad audience we’re excited to welcome him into the UFC family.” Gianforte easily took care of reporter Ben Jacobs in the first round of their recent bout, though ringside onlookers felt that Jacobs had not appropriately prepared for the fight. Gianforte’s camp suggested that the scrappy fighter will appear at UFC 3139 in Las Vegas later this summer and challenge McGregor for the title. At press time, Gianforte led in the Montana congressional election polls by five points.


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