Report: Spurs Angry with Manu Ginobili Over Leaked Tim Duncan Video

San Antonio – Spurs players are furious with Manu Ginobili after a secretly-taped video of Tim Duncan speaking with Ginobili was leaked to the media. In the video, a transcript of which can be found below, Tim Duncan reveals that he occasionally stays up past his 10pm bedtime and sometimes doesn’t make his bed in the morning:

Ginobili: You stayed up until 10:08? How old were you?

Duncan: Yeah. I was… 39. 

Ginobili: Hell nah. 

Duncan: How is that wrong?

Ginobili: What about making your bed the next morning? You ever not do that?

Duncan: Nah man. Well, one time. It was at a hotel. I felt bad, though. 

Sources close to the team confirmed that tension was high in the Spurs locker room amidst the ongoing rumors that Duncan occasionally does not finish all of his vegetables at dinner.

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47 thoughts on “Report: Spurs Angry with Manu Ginobili Over Leaked Tim Duncan Video

  1. Who cares that’s Not something that they shouldn’t be mad at really people grow up this Is not Elementary Or Middle School Orr High School this are Grown Men Just having a conversation


    1. So what. I pee standing up. Is that wrong. Grow up. Get a fucking life. Write about something important like Trump sleepin with his daughter or something. Lol


    2. Maria, this is just satire. You need to get a life and realize that everything you read isn’t necessarily true. Just relax and enjoy the humor in all of this.


  2. Whats elementary school? I do know about grown men in locker rooms though. Its really easy to grow up as a kid hanging out with professional athletes.


  3. Spurs fan don’t care about their personal life, they care that they are doing so well as a team and are Winner’s. Love my Spurs!


    1. grow up….there is no evidence that sleeping late and not eating vegetables causes blindness. If Tim wishes to stay up after 10, he is entitled to as he is a grown man. Some of you are ridiculous.


      1. My dad said it does. He said Mr Kenny Williams doesn’t eat his carrots, so thats why he couldnt SEE why I was so important to the clubhouse.


  4. Tattle teller!! For shame Manu….Timmy lights out @ 9 for that!!….gotta love em……Boys will be boys! Tough Love Grandma.


  5. Wow this is very serious. I hope this does not affect the team in the upcoming playoff games. This could also mean the end for Pops…


  6. I’m pretty sure there’s a clause in Manu’s contract that allows him to video tape his teammates. I think it’s called the Grandfather Clause. Also, I hope they fine the heck out of Duncan for not eating his vegetables. I expected to see him playing for a decade longer but if he’s not eating healthy, there’s no way. I say they either force feed him or feed him using a feeding tube. That’ll teach him..

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hysterical!! Tim has a sense of humor like Pop’s… Now about the posting vegetables…! They gotta’ be Progressives! Hope they weren’t ~offended~… Jeez… Missed the humour gene..


  8. The number of people who not only thought this was serious but thought it was so serious that they felt the need to comment is astounding.

    For those of you leaving negative comments, this was a joke, early April Fools. Y’all have shown yourselves to be complete fools.


  9. Mona, my dad says making beds and kids in professional locker rooms lead to organizational structure. If that stops, the only other option is to retire.


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