Djokovic To Win First & Third Sets in Next Match To Prove Tennis Isn’t Fixed

djokovicSydney – Responding to allegations that tennis has been subject to organized match-fixing, superstar Novak Djokovic insists that he will win his next match at the Australian Open to prove that the sport is clean. “Nobody is fixing my matches for betting,” announced a frustrated Djokovic. “To prove it, I’m going to win my next match by winning the first and third sets, and probably the fourth, too. My guess is that the result will be something like 6-1, 4-6, 6-2, 6-4… but I really can’t say for certain.”

Recent reports of match fixing at all levels of tennis have cast an unfortunate spotlight on the sport, with several athletes claiming to have been approached by match-fixers hoping to profit from specific results. Djokovic himself noted that members of his entourage have been approached in the past, but insists that he laughed-off the proposition.

“I would never even consider something like that, that’s crazy,” argued Djokovic. “I’m going to win this tournament to prove it… unless I have to play [Stan] Wawrinka or [Tomas] Berdych. It’s possible that one of those guys could beat me, I guess.”


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