Jordan to Donate $750K to Polio Research: “I can’t stay silent any longer”

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.29.54 AM.pngCharlotte – While Michael Jordan has been intentionally quiet on social issues in the past, the basketball great is breaking his silence and finally speaking out for a cause. “I can’t stay silent any longer,” lamented Jordan, “I’ve sat by and watched this play out for too long.” Jordan will donate $750K – or approximately five hands of blackjack, in Jordan terms – to research polio. Pundits have criticized Jordan for staying away from national discussions in the past and have already bashed Jordan for donating to research a disease that has already been cured. When asked why he did not invest some of his $1B+ fortune in curing diseases that are still prevalent, Jordan responded: “diseased people buy sneakers too.”


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