Man Claims to Understand How College Baseball World Series Works

barbqueSt. Petersburg – While at a barbecue early Saturday afternoon, Joseph Bujikowski told three of his friends that he “totally understand[s]” how the College World Series actually functions. “There’s like first these regional games where you play mostly people in your region,” waxed Bujikowski as he accidentally over-poured ketchup onto his burger after vigorously shaking the bottle. “Then you go to the Super Regional, and it’s like a best of three series in a big bracket, and then finally you make the College World Series final, which is like another tournament,” he concluded confidently. To date, this is the first instance of any human claiming to understand the format of the College World Series, though experts deny that Bujikowski has been able to crack this elusive code. When asked by his friends why the NCAA D1 baseball tournament is dubbed a ‘World Series’, Bujikowski was completely stumped.


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