Doping Scandal Rocks Canadian Curling

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.55.27 PMOTTAWA, ON – Team Canada added its name to the list of international sporting organizations that have been rocked by major doping scandals today, when an investigation by the BBC revealed a systemic, organized performance enhancing drug program. A 17 month investigation culminated in widespread accusations that the Canadian team has been running a secret program to administer a variety of banned substances to their top athletes in an effort to increase the ‘Three S’s’ of curling: strength, speed and stamina. “These accusations are unequivocally false and will be disproven,” said Tim Wooten, Director of National Curling Operations for Team Canada, who was only asked one question by Canadian reporters that did not want to intrude on his privacy and wanted to ensure the case received due process before being subject to unreasonable news coverage.

This marks the latest in a series of devastating blows to the sport, which has come under fire in recent years as curlers have continued to display unnatural-looking physiques and accomplished seemingly impossible physical feats on the ice. Just last April, the Norwegian National Curling Federation came under fire after video footage captured captain Thomas Ulsrud lifting a 39 lb. stone in each hand during a practice session.

If found guilty on all charges, the Canadian program could face a lifetime ban from the World Curling Federation. However, given that many of the banned substances allegedly used by the National Team are allowed in other countries, such as whey protein and Vitamin C, experts speculate that it’s unlikely that Team Canada will face harsh penalties.


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